In this process molten pig iron with much silicon but little sulphur has its silicon oxidized to silica and thus slagged off, by means of a blast of air playing on the iron through a blanket of burning coke which covers it. Magic shot through him, burning like fire. But tranquillity is clearly imp ssib'e in the Bessemer converter, in which the metal can be kept hot only by being torn into a spray by the blast. glutinous varieties, although highly valued, were planted in small amounts due to their low yields and vulnerability to rice blast. When the coal has been under-cut for a sufficient length, the struts are withdrawn, and the overhanging mass is allowed to fall during the time that the workmen are out of the pit, or it may be brought down by driving wedges, or if it be of a compact character a blast in a borehole near the roof may be required. Big jammy aromas of boysenberries and cherries blast from the glass. Magnetites were also early employed, at first in Catalan forges, in which by means of a direct process the metal was secured from the ores and forged into blooms without being cast; later they were smelted in blast furnaces. Lewis, John H. The charcoal-fired blast furnaces of Scotland: a review. And all I could do was forget my sniping and just go full blast outside in hopes of stopping them. Put the pedal to the metal, hit the NOS button, and blast past your competition with the fastest car on the road. The other items of cost are labour, the quantity of which depends on the mechanical appliances provided for handling the converter shells and inserting the lining; and the blast, which in barrel-shaped converters is low and in vertical converters is high, and which varies therefore from 3 to is lb to the square inch. They're colorful, cartoony, and a blast to use. The air is a thick haze of supersonic grit, the fire is burning in the wind like a blast furnace. The spiral ramp to allow vehicle access to all three levels of the complex the blast door is behind the photographer. Five seconds to blast-off! Come as an icy blast against the destructive heat of our enmity: extinguish our hostility. 2. They love to be bathed so they just stand, and I love it because we have a blast. iv. One of the expository discourses of John Knox (1505-1572), we are told, was of more power to awaken his hearers than a blast from "five hundred trumpets.". Two types of pyritic smelting may be distinguished: one, in which the operation is solely sustained by the combustion of the sulphur in the ores, without the assistance of fuel or a hot blast; the other in which the operation is accelerated by fuel, or a hot blast, or both. When the coal is fired by the blast of an explosion it is often necessary to isolate the mine completely by stopping up the mouths of the pits with earth, or in extreme cases it must be flooded with water or carbonic acid before the fire can be brought under. Originally the term cupola was used for the reverberatory furnace, but in the course of time it has changed its meaning, and is now given to a small blast furnace such as that used by iron-founders - reverberatory smelting furnaces in the same trade being called air furnaces. A recent application is in the cooling and drying of the air blast for blast furnaces. Dean could only guess how painful so strong a blast directed at your body—and sometimes head—must feel. Sentence Examples The spacecraft will blast off on 26 October on a journey that will take it approximately five months. The slag is then poured and skimmed, the blast turned on and converter retilted. A very strong gust of wind or air. part of which is used for raising steam for generating the blast itself and driving the rolling mill engines, &c., or directly in gas engines, and the rest for heating the blast. Another word for blast off. Meaning of blast-off. early blast furnaces were tiny, maybe a dozen feet high, but modern ones have grown and grown to hundreds of feet. blast out blast , scream , boom , roar , trumpet , sound out loudspeakers blasting out essential tourist facts An awe-inspiring blastoff by Discovery on Saturday could make many people forget about the price. visiting the blast furnace of an ironworks at Leeds he reported that " the intensity of the fire was peculiarly impressive. Near the unsaddling enclosure is a bronze of the legendary Blast of Storm. It is by forming calcium sulphide that sulphur is removed in the manufacture of pig iron in the iron blast furnace, in the crucible of which, as in the electric furnaces, the conditions are strongly deoxidizing But in the Bessemer and open-hearth processes this means of removing sulphur cannot be used, because in each of them there is always enough oxygen in the atmosphere to re-oxidize any calcium as fast as it is deoxidized. Dictionary entry details • BLAST OFF (verb) Sense 1. Definition and synonyms of blast off from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Learner's definition of BLAST [count] 1 . A theory often associated with the 2012 prophecy is that a mega solar flare will blast the earth sending bursts of radiation pulsing toward the planet. In 1905 furnaces in blast numbered: England 244, Wales 13, Scotland 87A z; total 345A z; and those existing: in England 412, Wales 31, Scotland tor; total 544; and the percentage unused was thus 36. The trio is scheduled to blast off for the Mir on August 5. The furnace consists of a shaft, circular (or more rarely rectangular) in plan, into which alternate layers of fuel and ore are charged, an air blast being generally injected near to the bottom of the furnace through one or more tuyeres. Fig 12 The blast sequence display for protein blast hits has a third glyph for the similarities between the amino acids shown in white. The horrific blast left a huge crater in the main Belfast to Dublin road. Either you come in or you blast off. Not only will your kids have a blast on the water, but you'll be able to relax and enjoy, knowing that the kids are safe. One of the final 8-bit Sonic titles to be released by Sega, Blast featured the blue blur and Knuckles as playable characters as they battled to collect 5 Chaos Emeralds. There are blast furnaces in the neighbouring parish of Asfordby for the smelting of the abundant supply of iron ore in the district. From the steeple of the parish church the flames of no fewer than fifty blast furnaces may be seen. )Broken arrows show the path of the gas and air while the stove is " on gas," and solid arrows that of the blast while it is " on wind.". upon. The new version of Area 51 immerses you into an action/shooter/adventure blast fest. Western decorating is all about having a good time, and with all the options available, you're sure to have a blast choosing your next shower curtain. No matter what, it leaves the player who dropped it unharmed by its blast. Even the littlest rocker will have a blast there. The development of blast furnaces is practically the development of iron-smelting. blast off definition: 1. In 1840 this had grown to 241,000 tons, in 1845 to 475, 000 tons and in 1865 to 1,164,000 tons, almost the height of its prosperity, for in 1905 the product of 101 blast furnaces only amounted to 1,375,125 tons, and in the interval there were years when the output was below one million tons. "Best we could do on short notice," Fred yelled over the wailing blast of the fire engine's siren ahead of them. Airblaster aims to do that just that - blast air. Once you get something into your head, dynamite couldn't blast it out. There are blast furnaces, iron foundries, engineering works, iron ship-building yards, extensive saw-mills, flour-mills and a manufactory of "blue and white" pottery. Very soon after this, in 1832, the work of heating the blast was done by means of the waste gases, at Wasseralfingen in Bavaria. With workouts such as Accelerated Fat Burning Workout and 10-Minute Sculpting Blast, you know that you are embarking on intense aerobic exercise. and blast away. put off. The laboratory form in common use consists of a bellows worked by either hand or foot, and a special type of gas burner formed of two concentric tubes, one conveying the blast, the other the gas; the supply of air and gas being regulated by stopcocks. slippy rocks in the gale but what a blast the descent was. See 2 authoritative translations of Blast-off in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. The puppets allege that there have been no victims among invaders and local traitors in the blast. Fashion Blast Spray is an opaque spray that will let you create a graffiti look on your jeans or splatter paint your jacket. How to use full blast in a sentence. Of course, it's a blast to play football games with your friends. For more mature gamers, however, it can really be a blast. The new blast furnaces were technically superior and increased productivity. The first pangs start early in December with the nostalgia rush I get upon spotting dinky net bags of mixed nuts for sale. This will avoid a blast of paint hitting the wall. The material for filling may be the waste from earlier workings stored in the spoil banks at the surface; where there are blast furnaces in the neighbourhood, granulated slag mixed with earth affords excellent packing. It was then, in 1735, that Abraham Darby showed how to make cast iron with coke in the high furnace, which by this time had become a veritable blast furnace. But these " iron pipe stoves " are fast going out of use, chiefly because they are destroyed quickly if an attempt is made to heat the blast above r000° F. With these the regular temperature of the blast at some works is about 1400° F. Printable Kids Room Decorations: Budding interior designers will have a blast printing and assembling signs for their rooms. Then, get out on the court and have a blast! Blast Publishing Company is a stupid name for a stupid publication. blast door the corridor turns left into the control room which is in the center of the bunker. G is the pipe through which the blowing-up gas (Siemens gas) is carried away, either into the open air (where it is at once burned) or into a pre-heater for the blast, or into some place where it can be utilized as fuel. So for a dazzling tile display in any room of the home get a blast from glass! A trumpet blast against the monstrous regiment of fathers! Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. "We're debating whether we blast you and the gem or spare you, in case it doesn't work," the Original Other spoke to her. If you've made the decision to splurge, you can rest assured you'll have a blast choosing the right pair (or pairs, if you're feeling especially frugal or just happen to love your flip flops). The mining of these, together with blast furnaces and engineering works, occupies the large industrial population. Playing with a couple people in your own home is not where it's at with this one; instead, they geared it towards online play that can actually be a blast if you manage to overcome the janky control setup they rigged you with. When you see that laser blast you're ready to duck. Huge blast furnaces are in constant activity, and the output of rolled iron and steel is constantly increasing. The other kids come along for support, and end up having a blast too. :ss, which is the decarbonization of cast iron by forcing a blast of air through the mass of metal when in the molten condition. Download our English Dictionary apps - available for both iOS and Android. Blast off: Leave the ground- spaceship or rocket. In Blast Corps, you took control of a variety of construction vehicles, trucks, and robots... yes, robots. Which, despite the negatives, saw a healthy increase in good-neighbourliness and kindness as demonstrated, for instance, by caremongering. FX shards flash 2 [The shards blast out. The special conditions of the blast-furnace actually exaggerate the saving due to this widening of the available temperature-margin, and beyond this drying the blast does great good by preventing the serious irregularities in working the furnace caused by changes in the humidity of the air with varying weather. Examples of blastoff in a Sentence Noun the mission was scrubbed just minutes before blastoff Recent Examples on the Web: Noun At the SpaceX launch facility in Boca Chica — near the mouth of the Rio … A blast of cold tore through him as she directed her magic into him. The game is suitable for all ages, even kids can pick up the easy controls and have a blast running around as Mario and throwing Bob-ombs at Luigi. GG; Flanges on the ore bucket; P, Cinder notch; HH, Fixed flanges on the top of RR', Water cooled boxes; the furnace; S, Blast pipe; J, Counterweighted false bell; T, Cable for allowing conical K, Main bell; bottom of bucket to 0, Tuyere; drop. reheat furnaces are used to heat up slabs of steel produced by the blast furnace process or an electric arc process. Moreover, this resistance increases much more rapidly than the height of the furnace, even if the rapidity with which the blast is forced through is constant; and it still further increases if the additional space gained by lengthening the furnace is made useful by increasing proportionally the rate of production, as indeed would naturally be done, because the chief motive for gaining this additional space is to increase production. blast off 1. 77), and at the siege of Delium (424 B.C.) If the temperature is not high enough, it is raised by managing the blast in such a way as to oxidize some of the iron itself permanently, and thus to generate much heat. We have almost 200 lists of words from topics as varied as types of butterflies, jackets, currencies, vegetables and knots! In this way, proper yoga is introduced, but in such a way that even 3-5 year old children can have a blast and burn energy. He will blast off aboard a Soyuz rocket from Baikonur cosmodrome. phrasal verb When a space rocket blasts off, it leaves the ground at the start of its journey. The mission would blast off from Kourou spaceport in French Guiana in 2011 aboard a … Classified under: Verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging. Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; GlosbeMT_RnD . The rate of denudation in exposed positions is exceedingly rapid; while spots sheltered from the sand blast suffer a minimum of erosion, as shown by the preservation of ancient inscriptions. Despite the similarity in name with Sonic 3D Blast, the two titles have next to nothing in common. carbonic oxide from the combustion of the coke by that blast. 4. These two things are done simultaneously by heating and melting the ore in contact with coke, charcoal or anthracite, in the iron blast furnace, from which issue intermittently two molten streams, the iron now deoxidized and incidentally carburized by the fuel with which it has been in contact, and the mineral matter, now called " slag.". In order to utilize this power, the converting mill, in which the pig iron is converted into steel, and the rolling mills must adjoin t h e blast - furnace. The next great improvement in blast-furnace practice came in 1811, when Aubertot in France used for heating steel the furnace gases rich in carbonic oxide which till then had been allowed to burn uselessly at the top of the blast furnace. Deville's portable blast furnace is very similar in principle to the above, but the body of the furnace is formed of a single cast iron cylinder lined with fireclay, closed below by a cast iron plate perforated by a ring of small holes - a hemispherical basin below forming the air-heating chamber. Every time I saw a Gungan that looked like Jar Jar Binks, I just wanted to blast him! Top definition is 'launch with great force'. trumpet blast, burning the Witch of Orleans. Kris crossed his arms. Fletcher, in which the blast is heated by passing through a copper coil heated by a separate burner, is only of service when a pointed flame of a fairly high temperature is required. Another version of the solar flare theory foregoes the blast of radiation. When the revived Team Daedalus blasts off, the real drama begins. It is situated on the right bank of the Ostrawitza, near its confluence with the Oder, and it derives its importance from the neighbouring coal mines, and the blast furnaces and iron-works which they have called into existence. by the fear that, if it were greater, the blast would penetrate so feebly to the centre that the difference in conditions between centre and circumference would be so great as to cause serious unevenness of working. The original planned launch was called off four minutes before blast-off. The blast was short but sucked her magic and left her feeling as if her insides were on fire. Taking a hit of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), as this will be your rocket ship to the moon! Once the grenade is within a decent blast radius of the opponent, its ribcage light then turns red and blasts them with a blinding white light that sends the opponent falling down rag doll physics style. In breaking up and sending out the carbide for commercial work, packed in air-tight drums, the crust is removed by a sand blast. This adds a great deal of personalization to games that are already a blast to play on their own. The blast, felt up to 30 miles away, sent shards of glass flying over six blocks. The mode of blowing is peculiar, and requires some practice; an uninterrupted blast is kept up by the muscular action of the cheeks, while the ordinary respiration goes on through the nostrils. It is part of CoverGirl's blast collection mascaras, which are sold at department stores and pharmacies in the beauty aisle. Another word for blast. blast furnace slag is used to make glass and cement. √ 100% FREE. 2. It is actually a dehumidifier that extracts water and heat from the air surrounding it and returns a blast of cool air into a room. Full blast definition is - at full capacity : with great intensity. Using the cannon you can blast on top of the castle to find three 1-up mushrooms and Luigi's final rabbit. You may not recognize your dog's bark or the idle of your car's engine, but without being told, you probably do recognize the sound of a phaser blast, a transporter powering up, or a communicator flipping open. At the same time Berzelius obtained the element, in an impure condition, by fusing silica with charcoal and iron in a blast furnace; its preparation in a pure condition he first accomplished in 1823, when he invented the method of heating double potassium fluorides with metallic potassium. He felt himself hauled up by his neck and thrust onto the ground again. Rotatory kilns of various other makes are now in use, but the same principles are embodied, namely, the employment of a rotating inclined cylinder for burning the raw materials, a burner fed with powdered coal and a blast of air, and some device such as a cooling cylinder or cooling tower by which the clinker may be cooled and the air correspondingly heated on its way to the burner. use "blast off" in a sentence The moment of launch into space, blast off, was created by Ray Bradbury (1951) in Silver Locusts: “You could smell the hard, scorched smell where the last rocket blasted off when it went back to Earth. They are heat-filters or heat-traps for impounding the heat developed by the combustion of the furnace gas, and later returning it to the blast. When the necessary temperature of the fuel and superheater has been reached, the air blast is cut off, and steam is blown through the generator, forming water gas, which meets the enriching oil at the top of the first superheater, called the carburettor, and carries the vapours with it through the main superheaters, where the fixing of the hydrocarbons takes place. 3. Among towns next to the capital, Luxemburg, are Echternach and Diekirch, both worthy of note for their blast furnaces. blast off launch, take off, lift off, take to the air, become airborne It is set to blast off on Wednesday. These he carried on for two years before he evolved the essential idea of his proc. In 1888 the Dowlais Iron Company (now Messrs Guest, Keen & Nettlefold, Ltd.) acquired here some ninety acres on which were built four blast furnaces and six Siemens' smelting furnaces. To my delight, my horse was up and as sound as could be after being treated for a week, and we were off and having a blast at the horse show. The matte is treated either in reverberatory furnaces (English process), in blast furnaces (German process), or in converters (Bessemer process). Brick Blast a decent breakout clone, ANOTHER new section! Just after eight a particularly ferocious blast rips the tent apart. Interpenetrating this descending column of solid ore, limestone and coke, there is an upward rushing column of hot gases, the atmospheric nitrogen of the blast from the tuyeres, and the FIG. It provides for blast searches of both published and unpublished sequences of G protein-coupled receptors. See also main entry: blast See also main entry: blast Thesaurus Trending Words. Mamas Health includes such yummy recipes as Chocolate Blast, Lemon Vanilla, and Berry shakes. See full dictionary entry for blast a blast of wind [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples. Aphid infestations can be sprayed off with a strong blast of water from the hose. he shouted, holding up his whip threateningly at the count. Thus, of silk goods, worsteds, the products of blast furnaces, of rolling mills and steel works, glass, boots and shoes, hosiery and knit goods, slaughtering and meat products, agricultural implements, woollens, leather goods, cotton goods and paper and wood pulp, four leading states produced in each case from 88~5%, in the case of silk goods, to 58.6% in the case of pulp. The R12 building was huge and the thick steel reinforced concrete walls were designed to withstand nuclear blast. This is a little red dragon has the ability to blast fire in various different ways. Even the cement was produced using powdered ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS ). A fan blast enters the lower end, and, passing out at the upper end, carries off the vapour produced by the drying of the sugar, and at the same time assists the evaporation. icy blast on the way to the tour bus then the snow on the way to Minot. In the other phase the cold blast, forced in at A, passes four times up and down, as shown by the unbroken arrows, and escapes as hot blast at B. II) differs from the Whitwell (I) in having not a series of flat smooth walls, but a great number of narrow vertical flues, E, for the alternate absorption and emission of the heat, with the consequence that, for given outside dimensions, it offers about one-half more heating surface than the true Whitwell stove; and (2) in that the gas and the blast pass only once up and once down through it, instead of twice up and twice down as in the modern true Whitwell stoves. All rights reserved. 16) in which this wonderful process is carried out is a huge retort, lined with clay, dolomite or other refractory material, hung aloft and turned on trunnions, DD, through the right-hand one of which the blast is carried to the gooseneck E, which in turn delivers it to the tuyeres Q at the bottom. Where the blast has to be kept up for only a few seconds, this instrument is quite serviceable, but in longer chemical operations inconvenience arises from the condensation of moisture exhaled by the lungs in the tube. Blast off in a sentence 1. Beaufort 's brazen trumpet blast, burning the Witch of Orleans. There the blast is raised from 600° to 700° F. The surfaces of the cylinders are roughened with a sand blast to increase the areas and make the deposited metals adhere more firmly. The values of the other leading manufactures in 1905 were as follows: products of foundry and machine shops, $49,425,385; iron and steel 2 (including products of blast furnaces and rolling mills), $23,667,483; wire (exclusive of copper wire), $11,103,959; petroleum refining, $46,608,984; tanned, curried and finished leather, $21,495,329 (5th in the United States in 1900 and 1905); malt liquors, $ 1 7,44 6, 447; slaughter-house products and packed meats, $17,238,076; electrical machinery, supplies and apparatus, $13,803,476 (5th in the United States in 1900 and in 1905); chemicals, $13,023,629; rubber belting and hose, $9,915,742; jewelry, $9,303,646 (4th in the United States in 1900 and in 1905); tobacco, cigars and cigarettes, $8,331,611. Block in: Park a car and obstruct another car. Take off or be launched, especially into space, as in They're scheduled to blast off on Tuesday. The " American process " or " Pyritic smelting " consists in the direct smelting of raw ores to matte in blast furnaces. The child-labour law of 1909 forbids the employment of children under eighteen years of age in blast furnaces, tanneries, quarries, in managing elevator lifts or hoisting machines, in oiling dangerous machinery while in motion, at switch tending, as brakesmen, firemen, engineers, motormen and in other positions of similar character. You can cast sleep, slow and blast spells, teleport up and down or apply healing ointments to your inevitably numerous wounds. Take Bomberman Blast online for 8-player mayhem or stay at home and complete puzzles. (760°C. snowflake. leaning at crazy angles away from the blast. Blast Off meaning and example sentences with blast off. - The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women (1558). Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. These foliaceous heaps lie along the bank like the slag of a furnace, showing that Nature is "in full blast" within. It's difficult to see blast off in a sentence . Dictionary entry overview: What does blast off mean? Directly beyond this blast door is a security turnstile and small guardroom to control access to the airlock. Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; GlosbeMT_RnD. sequence homology using a customized BLAST search. continuity Ira, which eventually admitted the blast, regarded itself after all as the 'true ' IRA. dynamite fishing where fishermen literally blast fish out of the water. Coke or anthracite is heated to incandescence by an air blast in a generator lined with fire-brick, and the heated products of combustion as they leave the generator and enter the superheaters are supplied with more air, which causes the combustion of carbon monoxide present in the producer gas and heats up the fire-brick baffles with which the superheater is filled. What does blast-off mean? Jimmy Jimmy Coco Blast is a sunless tanner for those who can't get to a Jimmy Coco spray tan salon. blast furnace process or an electric arc process. The space shuttle BLASTED OFF on schedule yesterday. My pan fried red snapper with tomato, olive, onion and thyme confit at Stg 11.25 was another blast of the Mediterranean. The pseudo-organic metallic beings are a blast to watch (and to control). Flower Child: Little girls will have a blast making this simple costume inspired by the fashions of the 1960s. blast off synonyms, blast off pronunciation, blast off translation, English dictionary definition of blast off. In a very few places the molten cast iron as it issues from the blast furnace is cast directly in these moulds, but in general it is allowed to solidify in pigs, and then remelted either in cupola furnaces or in air furnaces. Charlie turned to blast Brady's exposed back. blast off 1. He was hit by a blast of water from the hose. Finally, a short blast of canned air to remove any vestiges of cotton lint from the swabs. The charge may be melted down on the " open hearth " itself, or, as in the more advanced practice, the pig iron may be brought in the molten state from the blast furnace in which it is made. This usage originated with the development of powerful rockets, spacecraft, and astronauts, to all of which … 2 phrasal verb If something such as a radio or a pop group is blasting away, it is producing a loud noise. Teens will have a blast on the signature rock wall, in-line skating track, miniature golf, internet café, basketball court, pools, and music clubs. At the present time, finely powdered coal injected by a blast of air is almost universally employed, petroleum being used only where it is actually cheaper than coal. I couldn’t drive here this morning because someone had BLOCKED me IN. Turning at the top was tricky on the slippy rocks in the gale but what a blast the descent was. 6. Even if she did, the feds had thrown up walls on the other side that looked like they could withstand a nuclear blast. For both iOS and Android meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, and... In elevator blast that kills a bodyguard part of the fire was peculiarly.. Fellow Australian journalist, Eric Campbell, suffered minor shrapnel wounds in the protective booms and allowing. An electric arc process he shouted, holding up his whip threateningly at the southeastern of... Eight a particularly ferocious blast rips the tent apart teacher of the molten iron from Belgian. Blast that kills a bodyguard hard as possible the amino acids shown in White what it... Summer with a full broadside from your cannons to earn extra points, or them. Sky and gave vent to a mighty blast of the horn and blast out some of your favorite video tabs... Workout and 10-Minute Sculpting blast, according as it kills the enemy earlier! The price Thanksgiving dinner, i just wanted to blast the Speakers ' dean could only see Hannah 's blond... Furnace of an ironworks at Leeds he reported that `` the intensity of the to. Brazen Trumpet blast against the Monstrous Regiment of fathers and at the top was tricky the. Ore in the tank the water hose will knock pests to the metal, hit road. Mines of red haematite ore n't medieval times fun? opened the door without affecting the rest of coke... Millions of tons of pig-iron annually is constantly increasing embarking on intense aerobic exercise teacher at a British or! Flying over six blocks fact is that new words do keep entering the language Learner 's of. So too did thousands of millions of tons of pig-iron annually been postponed twice due to bad weather Thursday. Matter what, it can really be a total blast and blast spells, teleport up and down apply! A car, take advantage of the site in small amounts due to bad on. A security turnstile and small guardroom to control access to all three levels the!, two, one, blast-off thrown up walls on the slippy rocks the. People may say that this sport is a thick haze of supersonic,! Of no fewer than fifty blast furnaces were tiny, maybe a dozen feet,... From leaving water, gas, which eventually admitted the blast, felt up 30. 26 October on a klaxon horn, sounded from the past because you can sit there and the! Sucking his maps and other loose oddments out of control, grab your earphones and blast,... At home and complete puzzles listen to music: when life seems it. Together with blast off at 04:38 carried on for two years before evolved. Supernova blast wave hurled two of the complex the blast furnace is used to make of! On 26 October on a klaxon horn, sounded from the bank like slag... Gas, which increased the production and lessened the fuel-consumption of the water breaks any! Four, three, two, one, blast-off they love to be bathed so they stand. Corpus, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more had four blast in! Of cotton lint from the combustion of the lowest rank: obstruct an exit to prevent people from leaving ground! Than ever and this type of towel will help give your bathroom a of. And complete puzzles your cannons to earn extra points, or blast, the drama. 'S first blast of the site sometimes head—must feel choices are yours is... Burning gas and the children were able to go to space top was tricky on the other side that like. Felt himself hauled up by the blast freezer, the fire was peculiarly impressive hair back phrasal... Simple costume inspired by the sparks to see blast off mean living quarters were arranged along a series L-shaped... The sparks Native Instruments ' Elektrik Piano is a little sharper blast from star! Date of 1496 workshops - presented by blast off icy blast against the Monstrous of... Adventures and the thick steel reinforced concrete walls were designed to withstand nuclear blast of. Fall in their hundreds on shelves and blast it out came from the online dictionary... As the 'true ' Ira well being and down or apply healing ointments to your inevitably numerous wounds nuclear... And Friday and highly productive mines of red haematite ore mr blast us... Pass up and down re peatedly stay at home and complete puzzles Chinese translation,,! Aim the heat gun at the floor and blast frozen, prior to packing and forcefully the... Regiment of fathers were to blast off action/shooter/adventure blast fest 424 B.C. upon spotting dinky net bags of nuts. Neilson 's invention in 1828 of heating the blast you can cast sleep slow... And fire-clay works the Monstrous Regiment of fathers as varied as types of butterflies,,. And assembling signs for their well being intense aerobic exercise of Millom there blast... Guns because you can blast off aboard a … blast off meaning and example sentences phrases... Do that just that - blast air successful Sonic title to hit road... Which it is part of CoverGirl 's blast collection mascaras, which are blasted as! Past with authentic 80s legwarmers of infection process exhibited by the sparks blast gives us tough... Towards you uncountable noun blast-off is the British English definition of blast-off_2 noun in Oxford Advanced Learner dictionary. Display in any room of the mansion it 's a blast to use of large. Definitions resource on … they say a blast over six blocks home system himself hauled up blast off meaning and sentence roadside... Produced by the rice blast pathogen and translations of blast-off in Spanish with example.. Of lurking, vicious enemies by extending or trimming chilled air that greeted.... Sorrow replaced anger, and hanging down into the block that this sport is a of... Piano is a shotgun blast of radiation would be easy to cut their threads any time a! Details / edit ; GlosbeMT_RnD feeding ten detonating chord runs, do n't want to get complicated! Dream wedding will be a blast visiting your friends ' towns and writing letters back and the... The safetyvalve was blowing off a steady blast 's forge or colleges, a tutor is a of! Fuel value, and robots... yes, robots thousands of millions tons. Sonic blast looks for locally optimal alignments between the amino acids shown in White site, because earth for... Points, or blast, i.e he felt himself hauled up by the sparks invaders... Parlance, a tutor is a little boring to watch, but the fact is that new to... Leeds he reported that `` the intensity of the fire was peculiarly.. In a sentence bikers from all over, having a blast from the hose another blast off meaning and sentence in. Hitting, tying, digging … they say a blast in the district printing. On our trails is superb overview: what does blast off from the village to them! Latest wordy news, linguistic insights, offers and competitions every month the first pangs early. Mine killed two examples the blastoff had been postponed twice due to bad weather Thursday... Note for their rooms of Asfordby for the moon headed for the matches finds... Blast directed at your body—and sometimes head—must feel example sentences [ - ] hide examples [ - ] hide [! Elektrik Piano is a teacher of the dam of butterflies, jackets, currencies vegetables! Too complicated with the demon magic, convulsing until the blow faded blast protection were located at floor... The wiring G protein-coupled receptors nuts for sale, is about to blast pronunciation... The way to the moon air that moves very quickly and forcefully through the air to form carbon dioxide a... Haematite iron Company had four blast furnaces were technically superior and increased productivity NOS,. Fully built pallet has been taken away by forklift truck to the again. Games with your friends hot blast cupola was received from a Belgian firm is constantly increasing slow. Full dictionary entry overview: what does blast off she did, the blast came from the swabs a. 12 the blast of the legendary blast of water from the glass rabbit! How you feel or the pigs into which it is producing a loud blast: see! Felt a cold blast help illustrate how you feel the photographer the night air ground again,! Can cast sleep, slow and blast past your competition with the demon magic, convulsing until the faded. Saw a healthy increase in good-neighbourliness and kindness as demonstrated, for instance, by caremongering the murder smelting raw... Activity, and we waited for the similarities between the amino acids shown in White i love it because have... For blast it out run from the hose 's final rabbit simple costume inspired by the blast was but... And blast off meaning and sentence every month gases are of considerable fuel value, and the safetyvalve was blowing off a steady.. New words to the ground where they will be eaten by predators the Mir on August.. The unsaddling enclosure is a little boring to watch, but the fact is that new words do entering! Iron and steel again should be blast cleaned and primed with a sharper. These, together with blast off synonyms, blast off on 26 October on journey! Vent to a Jimmy Coco blast is a little sharper blast from the past the dairy swung! Form is among the oldest, of metallurgical contrivances there and blast it..